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Oil Changes, You get what you pay for.... Sometimes.

There are many tempting offers and sales to get your oil changed at various quick lube establishments that are quick and easy, but is it the best thing for you and your car? The answer is simple, No. Unfortunately there is a dark cloud over the automotive industry because of the individuals and shops that pride themselves on taking advantage of their customers. So lets take a brief minute or two and really figure out whats going on when you see all these crazy offers for quick and easy oil changes.

First lets talk about your $12.99-$16.99 Oil Changes. If they can charge $12.99 for an oil change, that should be an immediate RED FLAG! Are they changing the filter? How many Quarts of Oil does that cover? WHAT KIND OF OIL ARE THEY USING THAT IS THAT CHEAP! Is there a disposal fee for the old oil? Could be lots of hidden disclaimers that pop up right before you pay your bill! These are all things that you should ask yourself when thinking about a cheap oil change. Let's also think about why they would be motivated to reduce the price of the oil change? You really don't want to know the answer to this question, it's pretty awful. There number one goal is not to take care of you as a person or even a customer, they may not even care if you come back, they just want your money, and they want an excuse to find EVERY single thing wrong with your car and convince you that it needs to be fixed RIGHT AWAY! We've all been there right? In some cases they even tell you that you shouldn't drive it home! Now don't get me wrong, there are instances where that is correct! Something could be seriously wrong with your car, the million dollar question is, do you TRUST them? So there you are, standing in a dirty waiting room with a salesman giving you a pitch to throw down all of your hard earned money so your car can be safe, what can you do? First, ask to have them show you the broken part and explain how it works, and maybe how it broke? Ask if it's common? Are they getting nervous? Are other mechanics glaring at you when you walk in to inspect your car? Do they seem dumbfounded as to how it broke? Believe it or not there are shops and mechanics out there that will do their best to break things so that you need a repair! UNREAL! MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE!!! Bottom line, find someone that cares about taking care of YOU and YOUR car!

Quick stops are really convenient, but do have some draw backs. First, you pay for the convenience, oil changes can be double of what they should cost. Second, how can they really go over your car with out having a rack, and the ability to check items like your front suspension? How intensive really is there check if your IN and OUT the door in less than 10 minutes? An Oil Change is not just an Oil Change, it's a regular check up for your cars health! If your paying any kind of money for an oil change, shouldn't you at least know that it's a healthy car?

Also always shop local! Don't support the countless chains, or get your oil changed at the same place you buy your groceries!(We all know who I'm talking about) There are so many really down to earth Locally Owned shops in the area that would be more than happy to take care of you!

So let me tell you about Crooked River Garage. The reason we are in business is to create a safe environment for everyone to get their car fixed no matter WHO you are! We charge $26 for an Oil Change and it takes about 30 minutes. We clean your windshield, check your wipers, check your lights, perform a visual inspection on your brakes, check wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rods, check for leaks, check all your fluids, check your air filter, check Oil before the oil change, change your oil with a new NAPA Pro select or Auto-lite filter, check your tires, tire pressure, and even reset the factory service light if equipped. For full synthetic we charge $45 and use exclusively Mobil 1. This is our price every day all year. We don't believe in charging a higher price, and then running coupons when we feel like it. Same value, same price, all the time. Also you can choose how 10% of your subtotal will impact the community by picking from a list of charities we are involved with! Even a $2.60 donation can provide 10 meals to people in need in OUR area!

When you come in for an oil change, and we go over your car and find something, or some things that need attention, we will bring you back automatically, to show and educate you on whats going on with your car, and what it needs, and even create a prioritized list of things and an approximate time line of how far you can space out your repairs. We have a glass wall that allows you to see exactly whats going on in the shop at all times! We love educating our customers about their cars, and most of all we love taking care of our customers like family! Stop in and become part of the Crooked River Garage Family!

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