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Factory Oil Filter and Proper oil for your MINI with Fluids topped off and a BOOT TO BONNET inspection to keep your baby happy and healthy!

Oil Leaks

Does your MINI like to mark its territory, or does it get really excited and pee a little when you reach your destination? Although MINIs will always leak/seep some fluids, an excessive leak can be dangerous to your MINIs health! 

Full Line of Firestone Tires

Call for pricing with size and model of MINI!

Coolant Leaks

Eventhough British sports cars leak oil, they should never leak coolant! MINIs are known to have common issues with Thermostats, water pumps, radiators, and cooler gaskets. Give us a call to make sure your MINI stays COOL and leak free!

Brake Service

If your MINI needs brakes, STOP what your doing and give us a call! We offer everything from OEM replacement to performance brake packages for your MINI! Call for pricing!


Is your MINI eating up rear tires? Sound like an airplane trying to take off? Or maybe your MINI is trying to lay down a sick beat every time you hit a pothole!? We can take care of any suspension service needed and offer OEM replacement as well as a full line of performance or aftermarket set ups that you may desire!

We perform ALMOST everything that your MINI may need. Proper maintenance is key to keeping your MINI happy and healthy, and they do often require a lot of extra care and love. Thank you for being a part of the Crooked River MINI family and we look forward to seeing you soon! 



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