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CRG Loves Mini Coopers!

Around NE OH unfortunately there isn't too many places that understand the LOVE, EXCITEMENT, and the JOY that owning and driving a MINI brings you everyday! Unless you know someone in a group, or have great friends that work on MINI's your pretty much stuck taking it to the dealership, or taking your chances with a local shop!

My name is Jon Dresser and I am the owner of Crooked River Garage, and I also happen to own a 2010 MINI Cooper Mayfair Edition that I LOVE! My neighbor, some know as Flat Colin, and a great friend of mine Brooke Kilpatrick also own MINI's! Soon after getting a MINI of my own, my parents got a Countryman as well! They are AWESOME cars, but as I've learned over the years they can be very temperamental!

I have done everything from brakes, suspension, wheels, tires, cold air intakes, radiators, thermostats, water pumps, wheel bearings, Check Engine Lights, and other general maintenence items on MINI's. I always order MINI Oil Filters from the dealership, and use Royal Purple exclusively! If you are in the area, and don't have a go to MINI Mechanic, give us a call and join the CRG Family!

Check back soon on our blog for a write up on changing an R56 water pump! See ya'll soon!

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