2007-2014 MINI Cooper Water Pump Replacement!

After using shop manauls as well as resources online I realized there wasn't too much of a clear answer on changing the water pump on an R56! It's really quite a fun job that can be a little challenging if you do not work on cars on a regular basis, or are not familiar with MINI's! Tools Required for the Job! - Knee Pad/cardboard to kneel/sit on. - 4 Jack Stands - Floor Jack -Small Piece of Wood - 30 mm Wrench (If replacing belt, which I recommend you do!) - Flashlight - Metric Socket Set -Small 10mm wrench - Star Bit Set - Breaker Bar - Drain Pan for Engine Coolant - A radio (Gotta listen to your favorite music right?) Parts Required -Water Pump -Anti-Freeze -Serpentine Belt Step One! Get t

CRG Loves Mini Coopers!

Around NE OH unfortunately there isn't too many places that understand the LOVE, EXCITEMENT, and the JOY that owning and driving a MINI brings you everyday! Unless you know someone in a group, or have great friends that work on MINI's your pretty much stuck taking it to the dealership, or taking your chances with a local shop! My name is Jon Dresser and I am the owner of Crooked River Garage, and I also happen to own a 2010 MINI Cooper Mayfair Edition that I LOVE! My neighbor, some know as Flat Colin, and a great friend of mine Brooke Kilpatrick also own MINI's! Soon after getting a MINI of my own, my parents got a Countryman as well! They are AWESOME cars, but as I've learned over the years

Crooked River Who?

Crooked River Garage is a new business located in Akron OH, and we are making some big waves! Opening a new business is both fun and challenging because you create something, and then share it with the world, then after that, there's a lot of questions! Who are you, What do you do, HOW do you do it, and Where are you? These questions are all great, but there's one question that isn't asked, WHY?? So here we go, an adventure into the world of Crooked River Garage, Who, What, How, Where, and yup you guessed it! WHY!? Crooked River WHO? Yes, yes, Crooked River Garage, that's our name, but were a little bit more than just a name. Let's get into why that is our name. Cuyahoga is an old Native Ame

Focus on the Details

Crooked River Garage is a newer company, and we wanted to share with you a little bit about what we do different. I recently heard in conversation this week that the two worst waiting areas were a doctor's office, and a shop's waiting room. Kinda sad, don't you think? I mean, these are the two places that you most likely spend the most money! Shouldn't you be comfortable while you wait? CRG is all about breaking the mold! We have a comfortable waiting room, with TV, Movies, Free Coffee and Water, a Phone Charging Station, and the coolest part is the Community Wall! On this Wall we are posting everything that we are involved with, and we encourage you to get involved too! We want to set up fu

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