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Crooked River Who?

Crooked River Garage is a new business located in Akron OH, and we are making some big waves! Opening a new business is both fun and challenging because you create something, and then share it with the world, then after that, there's a lot of questions! Who are you, What do you do, HOW do you do it, and Where are you? These questions are all great, but there's one question that isn't asked, WHY?? So here we go, an adventure into the world of Crooked River Garage, Who, What, How, Where, and yup you guessed it! WHY!?

Crooked River WHO? Yes, yes, Crooked River Garage, that's our name, but were a little bit more than just a name. Let's get into why that is our name. Cuyahoga is an old Native American term meaning "Crooked River." The Cuyahoga was called a Crooked River because it flows South into Akron, and then bends around and flows North where it feeds into Lake Erie. This river served many purposes in the growth and well being of the city such as providing clean water, providing electricity, and even providing water flow for the canals that brought goods in and out of the area. You see the city was named after the river which served the community, so as you continue reading, and get to the WHY of the business, you will see it is because we also aim to serve the community just as the river has served us over many years. Also Crooked is a term that means dishonest, "Wait, there just a minute! Dishonest River Garage is your name?" No. It is our goal to raise the Standards in the Auto Repair Business, and change the way people think about taking their car to a garage!

"What kinds of things do you do at CRG?" At Crooked River Garage we use State of the Art technology to get, and keep your car back on the road. We do Brakes, Suspension, Oil Changes, Misc Fluid Changes, Radiators, Alternators, Water Pumps, Belts, Hoses, and the list goes on and on! Even things like a window not rolling up anymore, or perhaps a light bulb that just needs changed. We outsource services like tires, Alignments, Wheel Balancing, and Tire Patching to a local Goodyear Tire Store. What does this mean for you? That Crooked River Garage is a one stop shop! Just bring your car down, and we can't take care of it, we know some great local companies that can! What kind of things DON'T we do? We currently don't service AC systems (coming in 2016), we don't do exhaust, we don't do transmissions, and we don't do Auto body and Paint. Another, and perhaps the biggest thing that we do here is take great care of people. Ritz Carlton, the founder of perhaps the best hotel group had it right, their Motto is, "We are Ladies and Gentleman, Serving Ladies and Gentleman." Remarkably simple, yet incredibly powerful! We DON'T just SERVICE cars, we SERVE people. "How?" Service doesn't just begin and end with a transaction, it is much bigger, Service starts as your walking in the door, it is the presentation of our business, it is the cleanliness of our property, it is the smell of the shop when you walk in, the sights, the sounds, the atmosphere, and yes the bathroom. Yes we are polite, we are kind, we care about your safety as well as you and your family, we smile, and we create value within our brand and services, but shouldn't everyone be nice? Shouldn't everyone smile? Service is pouring you a cup of coffee, service is walking you to your car with an umbrella, true service is giving back, and putting people first. This is what we do at Crooked River Garage.

" Where are you located?" Crooked River Garage started small out of a little two car garage on my property where it grew to be too big, and now we have a beautiful shop at 891 Moe Dr. Suite G Akron, OH 44310! Our location can be found our Facebook page, Website, as well as Google Maps! Come on down, we'd love to get to know you!

How do we Make a Difference? After your repair, YOU pick how 10% of your subtotal is going to impact the community. Choose the Akron Canton Food Bank, Choose Akron Children's Hospital, or choose another group that we involved with. We set up fundraisers for local groups so that we can take another step towards making the community a better place. We love partnering with School Groups, Sports teams, Community Organizations, Churches, and other local causes! Please reach out to us today if you are part of an organization that would like to set up a fundraiser!

Alrighty folks, here it is. The WHY, the question that most people don't think to ask, but in our everyday life, it is the most important. "WHY do we give 10% back, why don't we just do what everyone else does, why did you put so much time and energy into a waiting room for a shop? Why do you do what you do? Shouldn't you just fix cars?"

The answer is quite simple, when you think about a mechanic or an Auto Repair Shop, you get scared. Your not scared of what's wrong with your car, your scared of being taken advantage of, your scared of being lied to, scared of being ripped off, and spending $500 when in reality it was a $100 fix. This is UNACCEPTABLE, there is NO excuse to take advantage of anyone based on their sex, age, or even their knowledge. There is a dark cloud that is hanging over every shop and mechanic out there because of this stereotype, and the worst part is most of the time this is true. There are also some really great shops out there that treat there customers like family, and we are one of them. Crooked River Garage was started to not only provide a safe environment to get your car fixed, but to get involved in the community and really Make a Difference in peoples lives! Our Mission is "To not just be another shop on the block, but to Make a Difference in the Community." Our Vision is "To raise the standards in the Automotive Repair Industry by providing High Quality Work, World Class Service, and Fair Prices." Our Values are Trust, Family, Quality, Clear and Concise Communication, Integrity, and Extraordinary Service.

So now you know, "We're Not Just a Shop, We're a Movement!"

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