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Crooked River Garage is about making an impact in the way people perceive automotive repair shops, and the way they interact with the community. We strive to be a family business with Integrity, providing a Family Environment, High Quality repairs, and Extraordinary Service.

"So how do we do this? you might ask!" It all starts with you, the customer. When you choose to get your car repaired, you have a lot of options. So many shops with so many promises. How can you find someone that you can trust with your car? Crooked River Garage is the answer.


At CRG we are creating a SAFE environment for you to get your car properly repaired without being lied to, and without having to empty your wallet. 


Can I bring my own Parts?

No. I cannot verify the quality of the job with parts that do not come from our vendors. 

Where can I can coupons for CRG?

We do not believe in marking our service up so high so that we can run coupons or discounts. If we provide a service such as an oil change, we believe that it should cost the same amount for EVERYONE ALL the time. If we would run a special on a service, then charge a higher price the rest of the year, that means we would be doing a disservice to you by charging a higher price. 




Where are you located?

Crooked River Garage is located at 891 Moe Dr. Unit G Akron, OH 44310. You can easily come visit us by getting off rt.8 at Howe Ave, and turning south on Home, then left onto Moe Drive!



Do we service and sell All makes and modes of vehicles?

Yes, even though we are a MINI specialty shop, we do service and sell ALL makes and models of vehicles. 

Why is the shop called Crooked River Garage? 

Cuyahoga is an old Native American word meaning Crooked. The Cuyahoga River simply means Crooked River as it has many twists and turns as it flows south then north into Lake Erie! Crooked is also a word that implies a level of distrust, and dishonesty, which is EXACLTY WHY I have started this company. The level of service at which most shops operate, and the distrust between customers and mechanics is UNACCEPTABLE! Car repair is often times not cheap, and as a customer you should expect more for the money that you are spending! You shouldn't have to worry about being lied to, taken advantage of, or strung along, just so someone else can make a buck. Crooked River Garage is here to change that by offering honest advice, education about your car, in some cases picture documented work, as well as a modern and clean environment that you are comfortable in!


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