Hey CRG Family! Lately in the Garage I have been seeing a lot of thermostats needing replacement! A thermostat works like a valve in your cooling system that opens up when your engine gets hot and lets the coolant flow through the engine. When your thermostat goes bad, it can stick closed causing your engine to overheat which could do a lot of damage to the engine! Other times the housing that covers the thermostat can leak, and eventually your car will not have enough coolant to stay cool. Have you seen your temp gauge rising? Have you seen fluid dripping from your car? If so, it could be a thermostat! Give us a call at Crooked River Garage and schedule your free car inspection for the win


Hey CRG Family, This week I had a customer that noticed he was low on coolant, and had a leak coming from the front of his car! After inspection it was clear that his radiator had started to leak. This one actually failed in more than one place! It failed in the middle of the radiator as well as along the tank! A Radiator works by having metal fins connecting two tanks, as the coolant flows through this small fins, air passes through the radiator cooling the liquid down. Some Radiator's now a days are made from very thin metal that connects to plastic tanks on the side. These radiators do not last as long because the metal and plastic expand at different rates under the heat. This can cause

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