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Tired of Tires?

As many of you know, Crooked River Garage has partnered with Goodyear to offer you a wider variety of services like buying tires, patching tires, alignments and wheel balancing! This week as I was driving my truck back home, I happened to pick up this lovely bunch of nails in my tire!! Lovely right!!! Unfortunately, with this large of an impact on the tire, it could not be patched, it had to be replaced. Tires are one of the most expensive wear item on your car, and it's very important that you take proactive steps to take care of them! Wheel Balancing, Tire Rotations, Checking your Air Pressures, and Alignments are very important for your tires!

When you are driving and you feel a slight vibration at certain certain speeds, your car could be telling you a couple of things! Your air pressure could be off causing a vibration, or your wheels could be out of balance! Always check your air pressures first, and if the vibration doesn't go away, call us at CRG to schedule a wheel balancing appointment today!! It is also important to check your air pressure to keep your tires wearing evenly and performing at their peak performance as under inflation can cause higher fuel consumption, and extra wear on the outer edges of the tire, and over inflation can cause lack of control, as well as extra wear on the middle of the tire.

Tire Rotation is another great way to keep your tires wearing evenly and lasting longer! Tire Rotations are recommended every 5,000 miles!

Does your car tend to wander all over the road when your driving? Does your steering wheel have to be turned a little to one side when your driving straight down the road? Sounds like you need an alignment! A car out of alignment can not only be annoying to drive, but can cause your tires to wear unevenly and ruin your tires!

So if your Tired of dealing with Tires, make an appointment and come on in to get your tires checked out today!

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