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Winter Weather, You Ready?

Hey CRG Family,

Winter weather is right around the corner, and I think it's safe to say that none of us are ready for all that, but you need to make sure your car is! During the crazy holiday season you will be focused on family, good times, and other people, you shouldn't have to worry about your car. Here's a a list of things that you can do at home so that you can have a less stressful holiday season!

1. Make sure that your car is topped off with all the correct fluids. Make sure you have clean Oil, make sure your topped off with Antifreeze, Brake fluid, Winter Formula Windshield Washer Fluid, check your Transmission Fluid, and Power Steering Fluid.

2. Have a habit of looking under your car when you park somewhere, or give an occasional glance at the cement in your driveway where you park. You can catch leaks before they can cause damage to your car saving you lots of money and some unnecessary stress!!!

3. Colder weather means your tire pressure needs checked! Properly inflated tires can improve your cars handling in the winter and also lengthen the life of your tire! Every car that has come in for a winter check up has been at least 10 psi lower than it should! If you don't have a compressor at home, check out Sheetz Gas Stations as they provide free air!!!

4. Have a window on your garage? Everytime you pull in check out your lights! If not grab a buddy and check out your headlights, high beams, turn signals, brake lights, and don't forget about your license plate light!! This not only will help other drivers see you in those cold snowy days ahead, but could save you some money by not getting a ticket for a burnt out bulb!! Also nothing worse then trying to change your headlight in blizzard!!

5. STOP!!!!!!! Check your brakes!! (See what I did there!) Make sure your cars braking system is in tip top shape! Working brakes could save your life in case of an emergency stop! Make sure the brake lines themselves look good, rotors are smooth, and make sure your car isn't pulling to one side when braking. If one of your calipers is sticking it could cause your car to pull in one direction when braking.

6. Check your Wipers! A torn or streaking Windshield Wiper can smear your windshield even more reducing your already not great visibility!

7. Battery and your Charging System are vital in the winter because that's when they are under the most stress. Make sure your battery terminals and cables aren't corroded. This could cause your car to not start as well as a weak battery. Depending on the age and condition of your battery it might be time for a new one!

8. First Aid Kit and a cell phone charging cable in your trunk! If your car gets stuck in the snow you could be stranded while you wait for help to arrive. Make sure you have a blanket to keep warm, and maybe even some snacks while you wait on assistance!

If you have any questions about of these please don't hesitate to give us a call at 330-907-4465 or shoot us a quick email at

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